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Irregularity FAQ’s

Frequently asked Questions

This information is given as a very general guide and in good faith. takes no responsibility for any mishaps or mistakes that may eventuate. This information is not intended to replace proper medical advice and we caution visitors not to use this site as a substitute for professional medical care.

We also urge anyone in an active sexual relationship to practise safe sex and avoid Sexually Transmitted Diseases STD’s.

Menstrual Cycles are very individual and can be affected by any number of stresses. We cannot predict anybody’s biological fertile time based on general advice.

On to the questions – we have divided the FAQ’s into topics.

Irregularity Issues

Pregnancy or conception fears

Fertility Timing

General menstruation questions

I was wondering why lately my period has only been lasting like 2,3, or 4 days and not very heavy. I used to go a full 7 days and be heavy the first 4 days. I am 20 now and ever since i started, up until this year, it has changed. Do you know some possible reasons for this? Do you think I need to worry?

No I don’t think you need to worry, periods change, they change over time and from cycle to cycle – its just one of those things. However if you start to feel unusual pain, or some other feelings of something not being right see your doctor

I have read the reasons that might prevent some women to have their period regularly. I don’t find anything that it would stop me from having my period every moth yet I am irregular. I had the pills for 4 years in which since them I had my period every 28 days. Now I want to have children and the first month that I stopped the pills, I did not get my period. It there anything I can take or do to regularize my cycle?

The first thing to understand about being on the pill is that it gives your body a fake menstrual cycle. If you had a history of being irregular before being on the pill, then it will probably be the same now after going off the pill. It also takes a few months (up to 6 months) to get all the pill effects and chemicals out of your body. So you need to be patient and you may need to consider getting some professional help to help your body cycle regularly. A good natural therapist of some sort (herbalist, naturopath, acupuncturist) who has experience with menstrual irregularity can prescribe medicines for you to help your body regain its natural rhythm. This would be the quickest way.

I am 18 years old. I started college in August and my last period was in September. I lost my virginity at the end of October and now it is February. what should i do?

If you were pregnant you would probably have noticed by now, but nevertheless I think you should take a test or see a doctor to make sure you aren’t pregnant. If you aren’t pregnant – your irregularity may be due to stress, change in lifestyle etc.

What is your diet like? drugs? alcohol, smoking etc? all these factors affect the cycle and should be considered.

Some simple things to help with irregularity:

  • follow a healthy menstrual diet
  • consider taking a good womens multi with regulating herbs eg chasetree.
  • Start doing some simple charting preferably on a calendar that has moon phases in it. Take note of the moon, take a minute to look out the window at night and see the moon. This will also help regulate you.
  • Regulate your stress levels, get sleep,
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