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Remedies for Irregularity

When you are looking to find a solution for an irregular menstrual cycle the first thing to consider is how serious your irregularity is.

Any cycle that has a long history of being irregular – over a year and more or is very irregular – that is, no bleeding for months at a time, too much bleeding, breakthough bleeding that has gone on for a number of cycles, very painful periods and any other medical disorder generally needs professional care.

Get checked out properly by a doctor or gynaecologist.

Then depending on what they recommend or how you feel, you may want to consider seeing a professional natural therapist, eg a fertility counsellor (find one in your area through the contacts page at this website or other natural therapist (herbalist, naturopath, acupuncturist) who has experience with menstrual irregularity so they can prescribe medicines for you to help your body regain its natural rhythm. This is often the quickest way to get regular again and is often the most successful in the long term.

Going on the contraceptive Pill is a poor choice when it comes to regulating cycles.

The Pill or any other hormonal contraception will give you a regular cycle but it is a FAKE menstrual cycle as the hormones in it override your body’s natural hormonal balance. The bleeding you experience whilst using the pill is not a true period.

Using the Pill does not solve your bodies irregularity and when you come off the pill, the irregularity will return and sometimes it is worse. more on the pill here

Most irregularity stems from an imbalance in the hormonal system, and the hormonal system is very sensitive to all sorts of stimuli. This can work for as well as against us.

The following tips can be helpful in treating minor irregularity.

Diet – is very important. If you eat lots of fast foods you are not giving your body the nourishment it needs. If you eat sporadically, miss meals and diet constantly – you essentially send your body into survival mode. Your body thinks it is starving and shuts down unnecessary systems. A body that thinks it is starving will not cycle regularly – having a cycle that is healthy enough to support new life is secondary. Watch your diet, eat as healthily as you can, this page has some guidelines on health menstrual eating.

Of course, most women are very busy, so just do the best you can – take the time to make the healthiest choice available to you. For example, pick yoghurt or fruit instead of potato chips or chocolate.

Consider taking a quality women’s multi with menstrual herbs in it eg chasetree and dong gui. This will help with missed nutrients and the herbs will help balance your hormones. Take this regularly.

There are also other natural remedies and superfoods which can help nutritionally support your body to function optimally – Maca Powder is one. For more info on Maca Powder and its beneficial effects go here

Start doing some simple charting preferably on a calendar that has moon phases in it. Sometimes, the simple intention of tuning into your cycle gives it a gentle kick start in the right direction.

Take note of the moon – natures perfect menstrual regulator. Take a minute to look out the window at night and see the moon. This will also help regulate you even if your cycle is very imbalanced. Find out what lunar phase it is by getting a lunar phase calendar, checking our website for moon phase information or invest in Personal Lunar Fertility Guide. By showing some intention, you are telling your body this is important to you.

Take note of your lifestyle – do you get enough quality time for yourself. Again a chronically exhausted and stressed body will not be regular. See Female Energy System for the emotional and spiritual aspects of your cycle.

Smoking is bad news for fertility and menstrual health. Studies have shown that smokers take longer to conceive than non-smokers, and this includes passive smoking (more at ). If you smoke – you should give it up.

I received the following information from Kate Adams who is studying environmental epidemiology – She found the information whilst researching chemicals and ovarian cancer.

“PAH, a component of cigarette smoke and fossil fuel combustion, binds to what is called an Aromatic Hydrocarbon Receptor (AhR) on cells in ovary structures. When PAH attaches itself, it stimulates the ovaries to shut down the maturation process of eggs, resulting in an egg trapped in a non-ovulatory follicle. In other words, smoking can interfere with and even shut down ovulation, with obvious consequences for normal functioning of the menstrual cycle. Some scientists believe this evidence explains why women who smoke experience premature menopause. … Dioxins and PCB’s and other double and multi-ring structures can also bind to this receptor and wreak havoc on reproductive systems, but they do it in a less-known and different way than PAH. ”

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