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Invitation to become an Urban Priestess

By Kalina Raphael Rose

[In this article, the term “Priestess ” is not meant to be restricted to a religious connotation, but rather to encompass a universal theme of spirituality, ie., a wise woman.]

One of the best kept secrets of our times is the power and healing potential of women’s menstrual blood. We have been duped into believing that this time of bleeding is a curse, a painful inconvenience. Women concerned about the state of the earth and feeling disempowered often don’t realise that they have within their own bodies such a powerful tool, that if used well and wisely, has the ability to transform and heal negative energy within themselves, their home and the world.

In ancient times this healing power of the blood was known and respected. Women were asked not to. attend sweat lodge and sacred fire ceremonies, not because they were impure and cursed. but because it was known that the healing energy spiral of a menstruating woman would cleanse, purify and

transmute, both for themselves and others. The sweat lodge and sacred fire also did this, but with a different spiral; so to have the two together was counterproductive.

In ancient tines the priestess did her work in the temple. In these times she is an urban priestess, the temple is in her body, her home and her workplace. She may not always wear the long flowing robes of office but her work is none-the-less important and powerful.

My work as an urban priestess involves a weaving of:

  • teaching vibrational healing and making the Rose of Raphael flower essences and gem elixirs, a series of 63 vibrational remedies7and energy pattern cards, dedicated to helping humanity to reclaim the essence of wholeness,
  • learning to be conscious in the way that I mother my four children and relate to my partner,
  • facilitating healing circles for women called Celebration of the Feminine,
  • commitment to my own growth and spiritual path,
  • working together with the Spirit guardians to help to heal the energy grids of the earth both in Australia and overseas.

The following pages (2 and 3) are an excerpt from my book “Reclaiming the essence of wholeness through flower essences and gem elixirs”.

It is the story of the Green Goddess Lily Essence and I would like to share with you its message.

Green Goddess LilyZantedeschia (South africa)

green cardMy intuition told me this flower held a key to why women are drained of anew at menstruation so I planted this lily and watered it with my own menstrual blood. The lily really flourished. I had been wanting to make this essence for about 2 years, but I have learnt that making the remedies have their own sweet timing. I was so excited when it finally bloomed and I was able to make the essence. I made this essence on a Monday, the moon day, with the Sun in Scorpio and also the next night under the moonlight of the Taurus full moon. (6th & 7th November ’95)

As I attuned to the angelic presence related to this flower this is the message that I heard…


The properties of this flower, in conjunction with its energy pattern drawing, will assist when taken as an essence, to heal within women the imprint of an ancient curse. This curse, which cursed women and their blood, comes from the time of ancient Persia. Before this curse, at the time of bleeding, women would feel nourished and blessed; after this curse they felt drained of energy at this time. A belief was taken on that women were less than and this led them to nurture others to the detriment of themselves. This often results in women feeling drained of energy after giving.

The blood in its essence is life giving and creating. If women at the time of their bleeding would visualise the menstrual flow flowing back into their own energy system fist, then back into the Earth they would again feel energised at this time.

The visualisation is as follows

Visualise that as the blood learn the body it flaws back into your Crown centre and into your body for healing. Let your body be the chalice for the Holy Grail, filling with the love of the Divine Mother and the life giving properties of the menstrual blood. Then when your cup is full let the energy overflow and offer this healing into the Earth.

The properties of the Green Goddess lily nourish the energy levels of the body and bring back a love and respect for the feminine. This essence also reminds us how to respect and nurture our own bodies and that of the Earth; reminding women to allow the time to self-nurture and to give only from a full cup. This supports women to honour cycles of stillness and action, the ebb and the flow.

This essence assists women to connect again to the Goddess, Divine Mother energy allowing it to nourish them. This nourishment can occur in conjunction with being nourished in a different way by the Divine Father energy. To facilitate this second process, take this essence in conjunction with the White Passion Flower Essence.

For men this essence supports them to understand the feminine within themselves as well as women.

With the lifting of this ancient curse the Goddess energy is again free to express in its fullness as life giving and nurturing . This allows both men and women to once again be connected more fully to the Goddess and receive her blessing.


I bless and celebrate the feminine way of being. I take the time to drink deeply of the divine Mother, filling myself with life giving energy and love. I give only when my cup overflows.

The Background 

The day after making this remedy I journeyed back in time with a friend Tamayra who is a gifted healer involved for many years in earth healing. We journeyed back to the times of Ancient Persia. We saw a group of male ‘black magicians’.

They were placing a curse on women preventing them from accessing their own nurturing energy, particularly at menstruation. They were also invoking the Goddess energy in one aspect only, the aspect of death and destruction. I saw that they were using this destructive element for their own use but I wasn’t shown in exactly what way.

Tamayra and I felt the full force of the Divine Feminine supporting us as we faced them with the symbols on the Green Goddess Lily energy card to diffuse this curse. As we said no to this energy being used for destructive purposes it set free the Goddess energy to express again in its circle of fullness. This circle encompasses the process of life as well as death.

This essence and its story have travelled amazingly quickly through the workshops I have given, articles I have written

and through women’s networks in Australia and overseas.

I had felt an urgency to get this message out quickly to many women not totally understanding why. I questioned at the time where this destructive energy was being directed because, although happening in the past, it was still happening in our present time. Spirit gave me a few months to fill myself up and get ready for the answer. It came through a woman called Felicity who creates a womb moon calendar for women to chart their menstrual cycles.

I met Felicity a week after making the essence and I shared the story with her. She told me that the theme for her 1996 calendar was Persia – a winged woman flying free.

I met her again several months later and she helped to answer my question. She had shared the story with a male friend who said he knew of the curse and the men behind it. He referred to a book called ‘Mark of the Beast’ by Ravenscroft who also wrote a book called ‘Spear of Destiny’. In the first book there is reference to a group of men who gathered in 666AD and being ‘black magicians’ they tried to usurp the system and take over the powers that be. Apparently they reincarnated as the men who made the atomic bomb and will try to come into power again in 1998.

When I heard this my whole body tingled all over which is usually a sign for me that I am hearing the truth. On the level of my personality I started to shake and I could see why my spirit had conveniently kept me in the dark. With the knowledge of the whole picture I wondered if would have had the courage to face these men.

I wondered if the healing was still holding firm so Tamayra and gathered together with a group of women also involved in spiritual and earth healing. During this circle we called on the support of the Ancient Father Circle. This is a circle of spiritual elders who hold the true flame of the male energy without distortion. This circle supports women in not trying to heal the wounds of men so that men will once again turn to men and the Ancient Father Circle for their healing. We asked this circle to please address this issue with the male anew so that in 1998 there will be no more destruction.

On behalf of the Divine Feminine I have been asked to spread this story to women and ask them to share this story and do the visualization, particularly at menstruation. The remedies of Green Goddess Lily and the Bat Plant, taken together help to support women to take responsibility for reclaiming and directing the power of the creative feminine energy in its fullness and to direct this energy into healing rather than destructive ways.

If all women did this they would help to hold the ‘no’ firm and make sure that this prediction of destruction for 1998 changes to a year of Divine Grace, nurturing and healing for humanity and this planet.

If something is denied it can become destructive. Just imagine if all women owned and reclaimed the creative feminine energy and took responsibility for directing it in healing ways. What an amazing world we could create.

Women of the world will you accept this commission from the Divine Feminine and do this service for yourselves, the children and Mother Earth.

Since making the Green Goddess Lily essence, at the time of my bleeding, Spirit has guided me to places in the landscape that were in need of healing. Sometimes this involved working with the spirit guardians, using the healing power of the blood and singing the energy mantra of the site. On some of these sites there had been a massacre of aboriginal people. In these cases the healing is offered to the land and also to release trapped spirits still held there from unresolved trauma.

Once I went back in time with Spirit, on a shaman’s journey, to offer healing to transform trauma held from Celtic times on the battlefield. I felt horror as I witnessed the violence of the aggression of brother killing brother. Spirit said to me you can do something, offer to transmute this violence with the energy of the blood and call on the power of Quan Yin with the prayer, I love the love of God in my soul and the soul of all aggressive men. (This prayer brings in the healing of Quan Yin the goddess of compassion and calls on the highest aspect of all concerned to heal the situation.) This aggression is not restricted to men and can also act out in women, sometimes expressing as less than loving acts and words about each other.

I have shared the above as just some of my experiences. At other times I water the plants and rest. The time of bleeding can be a time of deep cleansing, regeneration and replenishment, a chance to go on an inner journey and touch in on the deep creative energy and wisdom of the feminine. I invite you to surrender to this stillness and deep receptivity rather than trying to fulfil the expectation of the modem woman as has been depicted in some advertising; which is to use a tampon and play tennis, ride a horse or participate in some other strenuous activity pretending that you are not bleeding! Let the action happen on the inner levels. Many women experience painful menstruation, sometimes it can be the bodies only way of creating the rest and stillness needed at this time. It is time that we as women educate the world about our true needs, and the first step is to be in touch with them ourselves and to break the collective inertia of this curse.

There are many different ways that a woman can dedicate the healing power of her menstrual blood. At the time of bleeding she can offer it to herself, her family, or situations in need of healing, either in her personal environment or in the world. If you are not sure where to dedicate this healing, you can offer it to Gaia to use as she sees fit. It is a wonderful urban priestess ritual to offer this life giving energy to the plants, the devic kingdom, and to Gaia. Plants and vegetables flourish when watered with the menstrual blood.

For me bleeding is now such a time of empowerment, sometimes inner action, sometimes rest, meditation and stillness. I only wish I had known of this potential years before. If you feel any regret about this unused potential, you can ask Spirit to take you on a shamans journey back in time. You can then reclaim and honour the healing power of all the times that you have bled, and dedicate it to be used in healing ways. Women who have ceased to menstruate can also tune into that time in their cycle and dedicate this now contained energy for earth healing.

We have the chance to live on this planet and learn our soul lessons only through a gracious gift from Gaia, mother Earth. This beautiful being has a name, she has been called Sophia or Gaia, she is not just a generalisation, earth. She has given us the ultimate gift, her own body to live upon. In patriarchal times we have forgotten this precious gift and abused it. We have neglected the need to honour the earth and give her thanks and respect. We need to learn once again to respect and nurture the feminine within ourselves and the earth, to ask forgiveness of Gaia and give back rather than always taking.

It is outrageous what humanity is doing to the earth and her creatures. When will we wake up, open our eyes and see that ultimately any harm that we do to the earth we do to ourselves. If we don’t, we may find we are out of a planet! We can learn much from indigenous peoples about honouring and taking care of the earth.

It is time that we as women reclaimed the basic sacred right of the priestess, which is to stand beside the priest equally empowered, side by side, taking responsibility for living in integrity with each other and with the earth. Life is created on this planet through an equal joining of the female and male energy in sexuality, yet the decisions being made about the earth are not being made with this same equality. Within men and women there is this combined ‘energy’ ‘and-we are all being disadvantaged if both voices don’t have equal representation. Let go of the old story that we are enemies, in Truth we live together in the circle of the yin and the yang.

It is time that we realise what we were always meant to learn; that the matriarchy and the patriarchy don’t work in isolation but are meant to work together, drawing on the wisdom of both energies. We need to create a new vocabulary with words like wholeiarchy; words that honour both male and female. This is our only hope of survival, to draw on the wisdom of both male and female, to passionately love Gaia, this beautiful being, and to treat her as our beloved friend.

I wrote this article because 1998 is looming close. I wanted to fulfil my commission and let as many women as possible be aware of this message and to encourage them to work together to create a more sane world. Three times 666 is 1998, Let this be third time lucky for the emergence of the Divine Feminine. She is back, alive and well. She has lifted the veil and is gathering her priestesses so that her face can be seen and her voice heard once again through them. Open your heart, close your eyes and listen to her song to you

It is safe to be a priestess and acknowledge that you’re one,

it is safe to be a priestess and own that you are one.

Working with each other, working with the mother.

It is safe to be a priestess and I -wish you lots of fun.

So please, don’t wait for the temple to be rebuilt. It is already here in your own home! The temple is you, exquisite, powerful and beautiful. Please honour it, this ho1y grail, and use its contents well and wisely.

I invite you to become an urban priestess and to restore the “sacred ” in every aspect of your daily life.

Light the flame in your own heart, put the candle back on the altar and keep it burning brightly, as you work either at home or in the world, as you play, or speak your truth and make sexuality a sacred act again.

Scepticism can be a protection against feeling the pain of the wounded feminine, the pain of Gaia that is hidden within our bodies and our psyche. So, if you are feeling sceptical about this message, I challenge you to at least try this for yourself and decode this curse that has kept you from being fully empowered and in touch with the truth of your potential as a woman! Be willing to dedicate this first healing to yourself, and then to Gaia. When this pain is owned and healed then we can all move on together, in freedom and in Grace.

Kalina is a Spiritual Teacher, healer and Breath Therapist. She has co-created with the angelic Kingdom the ‘Rose of Raphael flower essences and gem elixirs. She teaches vibrational healing and facilitates groups on emotional and spiritual healing and women’s issues. Kalina lives in New South Wales, Australia.

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