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The Wild Genie by Alexandra Pope

Wild Genie Cover

Psychotherapist Alexandra Pope has explored the hidden depths of a woman’s menstrual cycle and her revelations will give every woman the opportunity to understand herself much better, to open up to self-wisdom and, in so doing, transform and enrich her life immeasurably.

An empowering book for women written by Alexandra Pope

The Wild Genie presents a unique approach to menstruation that moves beyond biology, to look at the psychological and spiritual elements and restore a dignity and deeper meaning to a woman’s cyclical nature.

It is a self-care guide for all women, not just for those who suffer menstrual problems but also for all who wish to maintain optimum wellbeing. It is a book for all parents who wish to pass on a positive experience of menstruation to their daughters. It is a book that will help men to gain insight into the world of women and understand their partners better.

Menstruation is commonly regarded as a necessary discomfort, an often acutely painful experience that women have to put up with throughout their childbearing years. Alexandra Pope believes that this one-sided biological view of a woman’s cycle is part of the problem contributing to menstrual distress.

We’re not meant to suffer,‘ she writes. ‘Our menstrual suffering, that’s so often passed off as ‘normal’, is neither normal nor our lot. When we experience distressing symptoms, it’s a signal to attend to our overall health and place in the world‘.

Menstrual distress is like a wild disturbing genie’ Healing involves exploration into many different areas, from the physical to the spiritual – Menstrual difficulties, like any other health problems, are linked to many factors, including poor diet; overweight or underweight; poor digestion and immune system; hormonal imbalance; congenital and hereditary weaknesses; over-stressed life; personal psychological trauma; environmental pollution; low self esteem; cultural devaluation of the feminine; unbalanced energy systems. These are all interconnected.’

Although not life-threatening, menstrual problems can certainly threaten one’s quality of life. Failure to understand the power of the cycle contributes to menstrual problems. What Alexandra Pope has provided is an holistic approach, an alternative to orthodox thinking and healing that uncovers the power inherent in menstruation and the benefits of the cycle as a whole beyond its baby-making function.

Many women have contributed their personal experiences to this provocative and quite remarkable book. The Wild Genie is in no way a cold, clinical text; rather it is a friendly sharing among women of spiritual discovery and practical advice that will enhance their whole lives.

Summary of areas covered in The Wild Genie:

  • inspiring stories of women who have healed difficult menstrual problems and turned their suffering into an opportunity for learning about themselves and the world
  • the menstrual cycle as inner reference guide
  • understanding the power of menstruation
  • how to access and use that power
  • decoding the premenstrual emotional roller coaster
  • how to heal menstrual problems such as pain, endometriosis, fibroids, PMS, heavy bleeding, lack of period through changing life style, diet and learning to value the power of menstruation
  • the importance of dealing with environmental influences for healing and wellbeing
  • and many other useful, down to earth healing practices

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About Alexandra

Alexandra Pope is a psychotherapist, educator and a prominent figure in menstrual health. She has run menstrual health workshops at Sydney’s Royal Hospital for Women for 8 years and guest lectured at the chiropractic school, Macquarie University. Currently she is guest lecturing and doing workshops at Australasian College of Natural Therapies and Nature Care College in Sydney.

Her knowledge on menstruation has grown out of 16 years in-depth research including the healing of her own very painful menstrual experience, which suddenly erupted at the age of 31. She was not interested in taking drugs or having surgery so chartered her own course of healing through self care practices and the help of alternative medicine. Today she is pain free, her uterus intact and menstruation all pleasure!

Before specialising in menstrual health, Alexandra had a background teaching English in high school and has conducted counselling skills workshops for the Uniting Church Adult Education programme, Lifeline and Family Planning Australia. She has had coverage in the national and local media including television, radio and print media. She has presented papers on different aspects of her menstrual health work at a number of workshops and conferences, including Family Life of Australia, Women’s and Sexual Health Nurses Conference and at Women’s Bodies Women’s Power, the first Australian women’s natural health conference.

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