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Maca Powder and fertility

The menstrual cycle is an intricate balance between body, mind and emotions. Governed by hormones and the moon – your menstrual cycle can either be a source of great health ( helping you balance body and emotions and acting as a compass for your life) or a source of major discomfort and distress.

Some of the symptoms of distress and hormonal imbalance include:

  • too little bleeding or too few periods,
  • too much bleeding,
  • short cycles,
  • long cycles
  • pain including PMS and menstrual cramping, headaches
  • mood swings,
  • depression and loss of self worth and self esteem.These irregularities can also contribute to other fertility problems when you want to conceive, and can affect your ability to maintain a healthy pregnancy. If your hormones are imbalanced then all these areas of fertility can be affected.

Many of these problems are caused by a lack in our diet, lack of health, too much stress and too little understanding of the way the female body works.

Medically these irregularities are often treated by introducing (often artificial) hormones into the delicate female system. These hormones regulate your menstrual cycle by overriding your bodies natural rhythm.

For example when you take the Pill, these artificial hormones effectively trick your body into thinking it is already pregnant. (So if you are on the pill for 2 or 5 or 10 years – your body thinks it is pregnant all that time.) So at mid-cycle when you would normally ovulate, nothing happens. No egg is released from your ovaries and pregnancy cannot occur. The glands that normally run your menstrual cycle are temporarily shut down while you are on the Pill – they do not function in the same way as they would naturally and you do not have a normal natural menstrual cycle. You still have a period of sorts – the correct term is “hormone withdrawal bleed” – because when the input of artificial hormones stops (that is, when you take the sugar pills) the uterine lining is shed. This lining is thinner than normal, resulting in lighter bleeding.

As stated earlier the menstrual cycle isn’t just about physical responses. The cycle is also a emotional and often spiritual experience if we allow it to be so. See Female Energy Cycle Using artificial hormones also disrupts these other cycles.

There are many natural products and superfoods that can nutritionally support and assist your body to function optimally. Maca Powder is one.

Some women choose to eat Maca Powder as an alternative to taking artificial hormones. What makes Maca so effective is that rather than introducing hormones from outside (whether chemical or natural) Maca nutritionally supports the glands in the body to optimal function according to the individuals unique requirements.

In Peru and the USA, Maca is considered beneficial for:(1)

  • Energy – by balancing the endocrine system – thyroid, pituitary, pancreas and adrenal glands”Yes the Maca seems to work for me. I am a 54 year old Male Carpenter, twice a day morning and night 1/4tsp . the Maca seems to have helped with my stamina and recovery after a heavy day at work, I had not been bouncing back. My appetite also seems to have improved as well. Cheers Chris”
  • Wellbeing, vitality, emotional balance and stamina 
  • Change of life discomfort such as hot flushes, breast tenderness, sleeplessness, mood swings and brain fog”Good morning Nadia and thank you for your email. Yes I am taking the maca powder regularly – 1 tsp each morning. I believe it is helping the hot flushes as I am getting them less frequently – they haven’t completely stopped, but they are definitely better. Cheers Helen”

    “I use your product daily, have between a quarter to a half teaspoon on either my breakfast or in a small glass of water. I combine this with 1 tablet of the ‘Promensil’ Brand. Before I started your product and the Promensil I was having 18-20 hot flushes per day – rather exhausting. With each passing week I felt my symptoms easing. You can’t imagine how wonderful it is to sleep through the night without the hot flashes. It has done wonders for me and my general outlook on life. Your product is worth its weight in gold. In time I want to give up the Promensil and only use the Maca – perhaps another month or so! Regards, Colleen”

  • Low Libido – Maca’s aphrodisiac qualities increase sex drive and may relieve other low libido effects like decreased vaginal lubrication.
  • General menstrual irregularity – it is well known that menstrual irregularity, like short and long cycles, too little or too much bleeding, spotting, pain etc. can stem from poor nutritional absorption ie, Vit B6, magnesium, EFA’s, which in turn upsets the body’s delicate hormonal system. As Maca is a whole food organically grown it retains maximum nutritional value, unlike many of the foods on the supermarket or green grocers shelf.”Hi Nadia I find the Maca powder good. I have PCOS and I have a period this term. The maca powder seamed t slow the bleeding so it is not so heavy but I really want it to stop…thankyou Joanne”

    “Thankyou for your email, I am very happy with the Maca Powder. It helps keep my painful periods in check. Thanks again Terri”

  • Healthy Fertility – Pregnancy demands extra nutrients for a healthy baby. Unfortunately, many of today’s women are overworked, stressed and/or have a long history of taking the Birth Control Pill find that their fertility is compromised. Eating Maca Powder can be an affordable, excellent nutritional addition to everywomans diet.Peruvian women start to take maca at the age of three, then gradually include it as a staple part of their diet. They are fertile well into later life… “Laboratory studies of rats have found that they had improved fertility after eating maca – females increased egg follicle development and male increased sperm count. In Peru maca is given to livestock to improve fertility a well as strength.” From Good Medicine Magazine Australia

How long does it take to work?

Maca’s nutrients affects the body at a cellular level and gives it a chance to re-adjust. It is important to take enough, to take it regularly, and to be patient allowing your body to re-vitalise at its own rate. Some people notice Maca’s beneficial effects within two weeks, others might take a little longer, perhaps up to 3 months.(1)

How much do you need to take?

Serving Suggestion: Start with 1/4 of a teaspoon daily increasing to 1 teaspoon daily. Mix it with water, juice, smoothies, in cereal, yoghurt, herbal teas.

Now much does it cost?

Maca Powder is an affordable nutritional supplement – a monthly supply is as little as AUD$20.00 (including postage within Australia), so it is much less than a dollar per day.

Which form of Maca Powder is best for you?

Maca Power Maca Powder is available 3 ways – 200g powder, 350g Powder and in VegeCapsule form. It doesn’t matter which form you take – you still get pure, certified organic, non-irradiated Maca Power Maca Powder.

If you haven’t tried Maca then you need to consider your personal tastes. Maca does have a nutty kind of flavour – some poeple like the taste and others prefer to take it in capsule form. If you are used to taking supplements – herbs and the like, then the powder is for you. If you are sensitive to the way things taste then you are probably better off with the VegeCapsules.

The beauty of Maca is that it is a whole food – unadulterated and pure just as nature intended food to be. With this in mind – when you buy your Maca – use these guidelines below to ensure you are getting the best quality product available

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Maca Guidelines

1. Non-irradiated
2. Careful temperature control during processing/drying means nutrient preservation, lighter colour & sweeter taste
3. Australian owned
4. Free of grain contamination (exclusive milling facility)
5. Organic farming methods
6. Processed-to-order (arrives fresh milled from Peru within weeks)
7. High protein content
8. Grown in specially suited soils at required altitude in traditional growing region

(1) Universal Wellbeing Magazine 2001 Issue 85

This information is not intended to be used as a substitute for treatment by a qualified practitioner.

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