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About Vibrational Essences

Vibrational Essences – What are they? How do they work? How can they help you?  

Vibrational essences are based on the basic homoeopathic principle of “like cures like“, that is, that a disease is treated by minute dosages of a drug, that in a healthy person would cause the exact same symptoms (physical and emotional) of that disease.

Instead of working with drugs or chemicals, essences are based on plants, gems or minerals. Each essence has a particular vibration or resonance characteristic of the matter it is made from and that resonance corresponds with particular emotional, physical and spiritual attributes.

Essences are a form of very subtle healing that work on energy centres of the human body (or animals) balancing and harmonising energy flow. They are effective in removing negative thought patterns, blocked energy, negative emotions and releasing past traumas. Essences are also effective in supporting and assisting people to move forward in more positive ways eg, with increased courage, clarity or peace of mind.

Dr Edward Bach discovered flower essences in the 1930’s. His essences are the Bach Flower essences, but many other essences have been discovered and developed since then. Using a simple potentisation process, he was able to infuse the basic energetic field of plants onto water thus making the required infinitesimal dosage. Through experimentation and observation he discovered the physical and emotional states of each plant he studied, bringing into being the basic 38 Bach Flower Essences.

Vibrational essences can be a powerful tool in healing menstrual difficulties and reducing discomfort and painful symptoms. The menstrual cycle (as with many biological functions) is a process that is intimately linked with a woman’s emotional state, belief systems and thoughts. Negative states like anger, shame or disgust at your bodies function can translate into menstrual difficulties.

Using vibrational essences can be a gentle, yet effective way of bringing balance into your body healing issues and patterns that are often below consciousness to bring lasting change. Working on a subtle level essences assist in removing negative emotional and mental habits clearing the way for a more positive relationship with your body.

For example looking more closely at some of the essences mentioned in last month’s newsletter, we can examine some of the descriptions and uses of common essences.

Rose of Raphael Essences – See Rose of Raphael

Pomegranate – Brings acceptance and understanding for men and women of the emotional problems affecting women – Brings healing for the energy centres relating to the reproductive system – Assists women to transform low self-esteem in regard to their femininity

Green Goddess Lily – Heals within women the imprint of an ancient curse which cursed women and their blood – Transforms beliefs that have caused women to feel drained of energy after giving – Supports self nurturing and a deep connection to the love and healing of the Divine Mother

Bat Plant – Brings support to journey to the deepest sometimes most vulnerable aspects of ourselves in order to reclaim and embrace the feminine creative energy hiding under the wounds – Helps you to connect with the deep wisdom of the self.

Pineapple Sage – Brings a broader understanding of birth and death – Gives comfort for physical, mental or emotional trauma – Sources and heals feelings of sexual guilt offering a healing to the sexual centre – Brings ease with changes in life

Bach Flower Essences

Impatiens – assists in overcoming impatience and irritability, nervous tension and pain, bursts of anger and violence. Brings about greater tolerance and understanding of self and others.

Mustard – for severe depression and despair bringing serenity and the ability to transmute melancholy to joy and peace.

Olive – for physical and emotional exhaustion.

Scleranthus – mood swings, procrastination, lacks confidence and concentration, inability to make decisions. Assists in decision making and the ability to be poised and balanced in any circumstances.

Californian Essences

Chamomile – for moods and upsets, anger, insomnia and stress. Calm and emotional balance.

Pretty Face – for those who feel ugly and unattractive, brings self acceptance in relation to personal appearance.

Sunflower – low self esteem, healing of masculine side and relationship to masculine.

Australian Bush Flower

She Oak – balances hormonal levels great for infertility, fluid retention and PMS

Billy Goat Plum – for those who have feelings of self loathing and disgust esp in relation to sexual organs often as an outcome of rape. Best used in conjunction with counselling.

These are just a few different remedies – if you think any of these could be helpful to you, follow the links or visit your local library to learn more. Essences are available to buy through the Internet or locally from some health food shop or alternative healers.

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