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New Guide: How to Recognise Your Body's Fertility Clues

Getting ambushed by your period is never fun! Neither is anxiously waiting for it arrive, or being crushed when it does. 

The menstrual cycle can be a source of angst, mystery and unpleasantness. It can feel unpredicatable, uncontrollable and you might wish you didn't have to deal with it all.

Whilst you can't make your periods disappear altogether (unless you're pregnant, taking hormonal contraception or menopausal) there are ways to unravel the mystery so you can feel more in control.

The first step is recognising what your body does each cycle..

Learning how to read your body's signals means that you can know when you are fertile so that you can reduce your risk of unwanted pregnancy or amplify your chances of conception.

It means you will have a more accurate idea of when your period is due or why it might be late. In a nutshell, it is a great way to reduce the stress around your periods. 

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How to Recognise your Fertility Clues contains down to earth information that unravels the mystery of what your body is trying to tell you so you can feel more confident in managing your fertility. It contains:


The facts about when a woman is fertile.


A breakdown of the common fertility signs.


An example of the ups and downs of a typical cycle.


The factors that can interrupt or upset your natural cycle. 


Step by Step instructions for recognising your personal pattern.


How to document your bodies clues.

Nadia Macleod

A little about Me

My name is Nadia MacLeod and I'm the author of

Since 1997, I've been educating women about their bodies and fertility, inspired by my own journey to befriend my cycle.

More than 20 years later, the aim remains the same - I want women to feel great about their bodies every day of the month!