Supporting women’s health and fertility

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ROR Vibrational Essences

Rose of Raphael Vibrational Essences are a powerful tool for healing emotional, physical and spiritual issues and unblocking the potential and flow of your menstrual cycle.

One of the best kept secrets of our times is the power and healing potential of women’s menstrual blood.

"We have been duped into believing that this time of bleeding is a curse, a painful inconvenience. Women concerned about the state of the earth and feeling disempowered often don’t realise that they have within their own bodies such a powerful healing tool, that if used well and wisely, has the ability to transform and heal negative energy within themselves, their home and the world.

In ancient times this healing power of the blood was known and respected.

Women were asked not to attend sweat lodges and sacred fire ceremonies, not because they were impure and cursed, but because it was known that the healing energy spiral of an menstruating woman would cleanse, purify and transmute both for themselves and others. The sweat lodge and sacred fire also did this, but with a different spiral: so to have the two together was counterproductive!

The time of bleeding can be a time of deep cleansing, regeneration and replenishment, a chance to go on a inner journey and touch in on the deep creative energy and wisdom of the feminine.

I invite you to surrender to this stillness and deep receptivity rather than trying to fulfil the expectation of the woman as has been depicted in some advertising; which is to use a tampon and play tennis, ride a horse or participate in some other strenuous activity pretending that you are not bleeding!

Let the action happen on the inner levels. Many women experience painful menstruation, sometimes it can be the bodies only way of creating the rest and stillness needed at this time. It is time that we as women educate the world about our true needs and the first step is to be in touch with them ourselves and to break the collective inertia of this curse."  from "An invitation to become and Urban Priestess" by Kalina Raphael Rose.

Kalina is a Spiritual Teacher, healer and breath therapist. She has co-created with the Angelic Kingdom the ‘Rose of Raphael’ flower essences and gem elixirs. She teaches vibrational healing and facilitates groups on emotional and spiritual healing and women’s issues, both in Australia and overseas. Kalina lives in New South wales Australia.

The following 5 flower essences are from the kit of 63 vibrational remedies. These 5 essences are particularly relevant for women and offer healing especially for the menstrual cycle and reproductive system.

Green Goddess Lily

Heals within women the imprint of an ancient curse which cursed women and their blood – Transforms beliefs that have caused women to feel drained of energy after giving – Supports self nurturing and a deep connection to the love and healing of the Divine Mother.

Affirmations …
I bless and celebrate the feminine way of being.
I take the time to drink deeply of the Divine Mother, filling myself with life giving energy and love.
I give only when my cup overflows.

Pineapple Sage

Brings a broader understanding of birth and death – Gives comfort for physical, mental or emotional trauma – Sources and heals feelings of sexual guilt offering a healing to the sexual centre – Brings ease with changes in life.

I release sexual guilt and celebrate my sexuality.
My reproductive system is balanced and whole.
I embrace change effortlessly.


Brings acceptance and understanding for men and women of the emotional problems affecting women – Brings healing for the energy centres relating to the reproductive system – Assists women to transform low self esteem in regard to their femininity.
I accept and love my feminine aspects.
My reproductive system is balanced and whole.
I accept my emotions and allow them creative expression.

Bat Plant

Brings support to journey to the deepest sometimes most vulnerable aspects of ourselves in order to reclaim and embrace the feminine creative energy hiding under the wounds – Helps you to connect with the deep wisdom of the self.
I am free to be a creative joyful being.
My life force flows in balance with all things.
I claim the deepest wisdom of my Being.


Blood Lily

This flower essence honours and celebrates the deep love that the Mother has for the Father that Mary had for Joseph, that Mary Magdalene had for Jesus Christ and that the feminine has for the masculine. The properties of this essence set the feminine free to acknowledge this passionate love in freedom and equality. It releases the shame, held in the womb and breasts, of feeling that love and nurturing the male energy even though it expressed in distorted ways throughout patriarchy.

Each Essence is available in dosage (use as is) or stock (is used to make up dosage bottles) strength, individually or in a set of 5. To purchase Rose of Raphael products go to

Rose Of Raphael Tape – Mantras for the Chakras of Light.

This tape can be used with the Essences and pattern cards to sing the chakras back to their truth and sing humanity home to the oneness.    

"I find these remedies subtle yet deeply penetrating. I’ve had amazing results over the last four years. I greatly attribute the ease of movement of my issues to the accuracy of Kalinas skills, cards, remedies and affirmations"
Janine Leila Mother, Singer and Artist.

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