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Relieve Period Pain with Warmth

Hotteeze Stick – On heat pads are perfect for those times when you need a steady supply of heat to relieve period pain, muscular aches, cramps and general discomfort.

Keep warm with Hotteeze heat packsForget about using bulky wheat bags or hot water bottle which soon get cold too quickly or are difficult to use whilst going about your business.

Hotteeze Heat pads are ultralight, self adhesive, thin and long lasting – you can wear Hotteeze comfortably on any part of your body all day long

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Bronwyn, Student – NSW, Australia
“Hotteeze is great for period pain. A Hotteeze heat pad on my tummy helps soothe the pain and means I don’t need painkillers.

How does a Hotteeze work?

Each Hotteeze heat pad contains iron powder, water, vermiculite, carbon and salt. When you open a Hotteeze, the iron oxidizes with the air, creating heat. If you accidentally open it up, quickly seal it in a plastic bag to stop the oxidization process.

How Do I use my Hotteeze Heat Pad?

Just open a packet, peel off the paper backing and stick on clothes closest to the area which need soothing heat In ten minutes you will be toasty warm.

Geraldine – VIC, Australia
“Having suffered a minor back injury recently, I was advised to keep heat on the affected area. I was using a hot water bottle but I found it cumbersome and inconvenient. I had to re-fill it several times a day and had to be very careful with the temperature of water that I was putting in it. A friend came over to visit me and suggested I try Hotteeze. I can’t believe I’ve lived without them – what a great idea! It’s like magic! I stuck it on to my shirt first thing in the morning and it kept my back warm all day. Not only was it a tremendous help to my sore back but also I hardly knew it was there. It’s a fabulous product which I will now be recommending to all my friends.”

Why can’t I wear it directly on my skin?

You might burn yourself. Hotteeze will feel cozy at first, but after a while it will heat right up without you noticing and might feel too hot. You will probably start to sweat too, in which case the pad will slip off and you won’t get your 12 hours of guaranteed heat.

Why shouldn’t I wear it to bed?

If you fall asleep wearing a Hotteeze, you cannot properly monitor your comfort level. The heat might sneak up on you and cause a burn.

Are they bad for the environment?

Hotteeze contain natural ingredients which are biodegradable, so when they’re done, you can throw them away guilt-free. Because they contain salt, we don’t suggest you put them in the compost or empty them into a pot plant – just throw them away in the rubbish bin.

Where do they come from?

Hotteeze were invented by the Japanese and are manufactured in Japan. Your Japanese friends will know them as KAIRO. They are very popular and are recommended for various remedies. For example, if you catch a cold, a Japanese person will recommend that you stick a Hotteeze over your abdomen to help you recover more quickly.

Margaret, Retiree – Mandurah, WA, Australia
“I lead an active life and sometimes suffer from strains and injuries. Before Hotteeze I was limited to hot water bottles and wheat bags. With Hotteeze patches I have mobile soothing warmth all day as one patch lasts 12 hours. I find Hotteeze fantastic- they’re discreet, long-lasting and can go with me wherever I go.”

What if I’m pregnant?

Whatever you do, do not put a Hotteeze near your abdomen, and check with your doctor before using it on any other part of your body.

What if Hotteeze gets wet?

If you get a Hotteeze wet, you can kiss it goodbye! The water will stop the oxidization process.

What if my pet eats it?

If swallowed, rinse the mouth with water and seek medical advice.

Buy Hotteeze Heat Pads Now

Text Reproduced from Illustration by Seiji Yonehara

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